Is Cleaning Of Flooded Basements Important

You can face a flooded basement anytime and can cause devastation in your home. A flood can be responsible for serious health issues and ruin your belongings. It’s important to know what causes water backup in your basement and how to stop the bad situation from becoming worse. So whenever the basement floods don’t waste your time. You should take the necessary steps to minimize the risk. Flood Damage Carpet Cleaning is important. You may counter with hazards such as electric shock, gas leaks, and structural damage when you enter a flooded basement.

Cleaning Of Flooded Basements
Cleaning Of Flooded Basements

Cleaning disinfect everything

As we know that floodwater infects everything and mud is also contaminated with infectious diseases. So it’s important to clean the mud from hard surfaces. You can use the garden spray to wash the mud. After that use hot water to scrub the surface and heavy cleaners help to disinfect to kill the germs. Use cleaners to disinfect your household items such as furniture and even walls too.

  • Remove dirt 

Cleaning helps to remove dirt. Flooded water takes dust and debris, which get stuck on the walls and furnishings and make it look dirty. To make sure that you get rid of all dirt by cleaning flooded basements. Try to remove the dirt before it dries and hardens and you can use a dry vacuum to remove any water left after cleaning.

  • Remove damaged items

Throw out the items which came in contact with flooded water. Remove the ceiling walls up to 50 cm above because walls absorb water. Secondly remove the flooring and carpet, canned goods, herbs, and vegetables that penetrate. Carefully remove the insulation material and stuffed toys, furniture coverings, pillows, and cushions. 

  • Sanitize and disinfect

Lastly, don’t forget to sanitize the entire basement. To remove any harmful fumes make sure you use bleach and other cleaning supplies. Make a cleaning solution by using one gallon of cleaning water and one of chlorine bleach. Some surfaces may not have a direct effect so it’s easy to clean them with chlorine. To clean the interior cavities you can use a solution of water and chlorine bleach and any dish detergent is a better option. Chlorine bleach helps kill the mold. 

  • Dry out basement

To stop the growth of mold after flooding makes sure that everything inside the basement is completely dry such as walls, and flooring. To expose the basement to air, clean all windows and doors and turn on the fan. If you have basement heaters then set them to the highest setting. Air helps to evaporate the water from the basement and make it dry. Evaporated water is not able to escape if you leave windows closed and mold will trap inside the basement.


Once you are done with all steps then to remove the remaining moisture set up a dehumidifier. But make sure windows are closed while you are using it. To trap the moisture moves the appliance to the basement. So, Cleaning Of Flooded Basements is essential. Book Online Now or Request a Free Quote